by Clef

Greetings! Welcome to Sara & Kleeyo!

As I'm sure you can guess, Sara & Kleeyo are based off my actual WoW toons, which I played with much dedication for four years. Saradenko was my raider/main, Kleeyo was my dedicated PvP toon and Jyosette was my raiding alt. I had to leave WoW in Feb 2010, shortly before the release of Ruby Sanctum, in preparation for a military deployment- one I currently have 6 months remaining in, however I still had the motivation to begin this comic while overseas as I desired to rekindle my interest in artwork with the ultimate goal of drawing my own book cover for my next novel. My main source of inspiration came from Kelly Aaron's "World of Warcraft, eh?" Webcomic primarily from her blending of WoW and manga- the very same style combination I would have used.

About the Author:

My name is Clef, 30 years old from Arizona, USA. Currently in the armed forces. I attended the University of Arizona where I earned a bachelor in East Asian Studies and Northern Arizona University with a Masters in Business Administration. I’m a lifelong gamer and active science fiction writer with one book published so far and a second in the works.

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