Comic 138 - Yurgle

5th Nov 2013, 2:42 AM
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Clef 5th Nov 2013, 2:42 AM edit delete
Sara was too stingy to work off an Argent Pony. Sometimes improvising is needed for the terminally lazy.


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Daisybelle 5th Nov 2013, 4:19 AM edit delete reply
Hey Clef!! Way to get an appearance in the comic of Sara! :)

Once again an interesting mix - Sara being dark and yet also affectionate in the same episode.

"I wuv it." She was so cute at that age.

One of those abused children's day orphans, LOL (did Blizz ever create any tauren children?)

(BTW - To all, I'm back in WoW; playing on the IronWoW private server. Love the actual game, hate Blizz's changes).
Lackinganame 5th Nov 2013, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
There is a tauren baby model, you use to see Sunwalker Dezco with a pair of twins at shrine of the two moons. then 5.4 hit and Dezco is off fighting Sha and I haven't found where the baby went. But if you do the quest line of Krasarang Wilds you should still be able to see them.
Maryalee 6th Nov 2013, 12:18 AM edit delete reply
Read the short story "Bleeding Sun" on the Blizzard site: It explains what happened to "both" of Dezco's sons. I will warn you ahead of time, it is not a pretty story.
Lackinganame 7th Nov 2013, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
Ya I read that, made my mad for days after wards. (I don't get sad I just get mad because I'm stupid that way)I eventually came to a reasoning. one son to be raised by his farther. the other to be raised by the mother. all to be united in the end.
Clef 6th Nov 2013, 12:23 AM edit delete reply
What patch does it go up to?
Lackinganame 7th Nov 2013, 12:35 AM edit delete reply
I don't do pirate servers so I wouldn't know.
ExPaladin 5th Nov 2013, 5:16 AM edit delete reply
I bet the day she got her first flying mount was another one of her happiest days. :P
Lackinganame 5th Nov 2013, 2:48 PM edit delete reply
nice mount! dose the Green bird want something to ride? I might be tired too having to fly around for so long.
Maryalee 6th Nov 2013, 12:35 AM edit delete reply
I'm thinking Greenbird is trying to reach Tallia's center of happiness/contentment. Probably trying to get Tallia to imagine what it would be like to never have any happy days. Greenbird's permanent migratory status may indeed have left it tired, to the point it desperately wants to rest "permanently", the only way being to land and give it's spirit back to the world. Why Shortplug (still can't remember his name) and other Pandaren would consider that to be a tragic, world-ending occurrence is still to be discovered.
Deathlink 5th Nov 2013, 6:43 PM edit delete reply
so....if sara set up a device that would blow it up does that make her a goblin engineer?
Guest 5th Nov 2013, 11:27 PM edit delete reply
Hey that's a very good question! What are/were Sara, Kleeyo and Talia's professions? We saw professions here for Caddistra and Kama, and sort-of for Kissless:

OH MY GOODNESS! CADDI HAS RESUMED HER COMIC! I've got episodes to catch up on when I finish work today!
Clef 6th Nov 2013, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
Sara was a blacksmith/engineer, kleeyo was herb/alch, Tallia is not based on any actual characters, but you can assume tailoring is in there somewhere.
Daisybelle 5th Nov 2013, 11:37 PM edit delete reply
(The above comment was mine. Dammit, I thought I was already logged in!)
Maryalee 6th Nov 2013, 12:28 AM edit delete reply
Saradenko, is actually an engineer. However, looking at her profession tab it appears she is specced into Gnomish engineering, which is the absolutely correct choice in my opinion. *nods*
Maryalee 6th Nov 2013, 12:38 AM edit delete reply
And I've commented on everyone except the comic itself, shame on me. I'm loving the storytelling Clef. I'm seeing parallels here with Yu'lon, whose "rest" we so rudely interrupted in the Jade Forest. Greenbird too yearns to rest after it's eons long pilgrimage, and I have a feeling the story is going to contain a powerful punch when we reach that point where we understand.
Guest 6th Nov 2013, 6:08 PM edit delete reply
I feel sorry for that poor murloc with the cluster of dynamite strapped around his neck lol
TheMjohann 8th Nov 2013, 4:12 PM edit delete reply
Dear lord... You did it. You found a actual use for murlocs... Now i want one, someone get me some dynamite!!
Daisybelle 9th Nov 2013, 9:45 PM edit delete reply
Here you go! [EZ Throw Dynamite]
Guest 16th Nov 2013, 3:35 AM edit delete reply
can we make a gnome mount
Maryalee 17th Nov 2013, 2:10 AM edit delete reply
Clef, what do you think of the Warlords of Draenor info so far? Interesting?
Clef 18th Nov 2013, 5:45 AM edit delete reply
Just first heard about it today, heh. . Will post with next comic tomorrow.
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