Comic 14 - R.I.P.Z.G.

25th Feb 2011, 9:29 PM
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Clef 25th Feb 2011, 9:47 PM edit delete
Yes, I am (now) aware that Blizz announced they are reimplementing ZG as a 5 man dungeon. GO FIGURE Blizz made the announcement the same week I make this comic. I mean seriously, they couldn't wait or week or two first? Well, it's too late to change it, so I guess I get to look like a dumbass for the week.

However, I've been looking at the achievements, some of which mention old bosses like the different priests, Jin'do, Zanzil and the such, but the names of the heroic bosses all sound unfamiliar. Does that mean normal mode might be classic bosses while heroic is all new bosses like what they did with heroic Deadmines? If someone knows the answer to this please let me know, because if it's not the case, then this comic still holds some relevancy. If it still has updated classic fightd, then I 100% fully support Blizz revamping old content in such a manner, and hope they do it more. It is kind of a cheap way to expand lvl 85 content, but the old content could still be so much fun if it were updated. (UPDATED- NOT DESTROYED! Submerging a zone in lava and deleting all the quests in the zone does not constitute an "update" in my humble opinion) I relish thought of tearing though ZG again for actual progression. (would be one hella big instance for a 5 man though. Not no BRD, but still big.)And seeing they're updating Zul'aman, we could be seeing the return of some more recent instances, too. Interesting.

One thing I hope Blizz breaks it's habit of, though, it bringing back dead lore characters. DW, Nef, Rangaros, Arugal in Wotlk, and now even rumors of Illidan making a comeback, it's just pointless- WE KILLED THEM, LET THEM R.I.P! If they do, they should do it like they did with Onyxia's lair- "zero lore, all fun."

Oh, and yeah...Jin'do is THE MAN. He is a total pimp. They even dressed him like a pimp...minus the leopard skin jungle hat. That would have been perfect. In spirit of the old lvl 60 days, I drew this comic with Sara in her old Soulforge set and Argent Dawn tabard. In actuality I didn't have full Soulforge until I took my first step into MC, but this gave me an excuse to draw it nonetheless.

Exit question: would you like to see more instances reworked the way Onyxia and Zul'aman were? Or with new bosses like how ZG and heroic Deadmines were? Or do you feel that you do not want to play though the same content again, and should remain in the age where they belonged? do you feel that newer players will benefit from playing reworked versions of the content they missed?

Next week I'm going to try to make S&K have something that at least somewhat resembles a storyline, rather then just random stuff every week.


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Draco Blair 27th Feb 2011, 6:50 AM edit delete reply
I'd like to have a choice here, like a stone ion Caverns of time that would allow one to 'relive' the instance. Heck, I haven't been in the original Deadmines! What am I supposed to do, go to a priv server?! >.<
Rokas 28th Feb 2011, 12:07 PM edit delete reply
You're makin' me jealous here. I didn't get into WoW until well after WotLK was out, and I feel like I missed a lot of the old endgame content that I'll never get to see now. :(

Toho: Like we get into raids, anyway; No one wants a hunter.
Me: Hunters are supposed to be better now.
Toho: Bah, we were always a good class. Just some people couldn't hack it and they made us look bad. And others couldn't hack it and decided to call good hunter players "huntards".
Me: Now that's not fair, you know that Hunters have been nerfed before.
Toho: Yeah, but still, just 'cuz something's not the best doesn't mean you have to abandon it.
Me: Well, that goes without saying.
Toho: Like you, for instance: I should be running as fast as I can, but I stick with ya.
Me: That's because you're in my head, and also, you're getting asparagus tonight.
Toho: ...You're a mean one.
Me: Then stop taunting me.
Toho: *Grumbles*
Slop Doggy 3rd Mar 2011, 1:42 PM edit delete reply
I think that Draco's idea's good. Have a Caverns of Time section for all the old end-game content.
Cyilla 3rd Mar 2011, 8:35 PM edit delete reply
I really miss all the vanilla content. Even though ZG and ZA will be new 5 mans they'll never be the same ones we ran countless times before the world exploded.
I do like Draco's idea as well, that way all those people who missed out on what many think was the best days of WoW could live through it somewhat.
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