Comic 190 - Landing

21st Nov 2015, 11:00 PM
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Gardia 22nd Nov 2015, 12:04 AM edit delete reply
No fair! why can he use deepfreeze without CD:O

Badass mage is badass kungfu master that can mount in combat:P
Lackinganame 22nd Nov 2015, 12:25 AM edit delete reply
Mages are so OP...
Thisguy 22nd Nov 2015, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
A priest who can do more damage melee than with spells, and what appears to be a duel classed Mage/monk.
Maybe they are borrowing the class system from d&d? In which case, maybe Tallia is a cleric rather than a priest.
Maryalee 22nd Nov 2015, 5:14 AM edit delete reply
Level 90 at least.

Tallia is a bit out-classed, yes.

Birdy's attraction to Allistair is disturbing on many levels.

This was a hell of an action strip Clef.
mac 23rd Nov 2015, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
3 weeks for a strip..thx god its a good one at least ^^
Kangaar Foxfire 25th Nov 2015, 2:09 AM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
I'd be in awe of Allistair's prowess, if he wasn't such a hard one to figure out.

Great sequence Cleff! A Kung-Fu fighting Mage puts a whole new spin on things. I like the stunned looks all around when he performs that flourish.
Rokas 28th Nov 2015, 9:56 AM edit delete reply
What do ya know, that cracker barrel philosopher actually can do something more useful than sitting and letting everyone else carry him.
Ayshela 2nd Dec 2015, 3:09 AM edit delete reply
Okay, I can see him switching specs from Arcane (which was counterspelled) but how the hell did he get both fire and frost? Damn, he's good.
Victorik 2nd Dec 2015, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
Man, he is like Khadgar on steroids...
Kangaar Foxfire 3rd Dec 2015, 12:27 AM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
+1 like to Victorik's comment :)
Guest 4th Dec 2015, 10:43 AM edit delete reply
That is pretty darned aweseome! :)
Daisybelle 11th Dec 2015, 7:59 PM edit delete reply
(That was my comment. I thought I was logged in - bother!)
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