Comic 196 - Broken

3rd Apr 2016, 3:37 AM
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Clef 3rd Apr 2016, 3:37 AM edit delete
Fragile truces are fragile.


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Kangaar Foxfire 3rd Apr 2016, 7:10 AM edit delete reply
Kangaar Foxfire
That gnoll has got to die.
Rokas 3rd Apr 2016, 11:46 AM edit delete reply
Goddammit, Birdie. Can't you just hunt somewhere in Un-Goro? I KNOW I've seen things far larger than any mount.

Ah, well, time for a WAAAAAGH! ...Wait, wrong orcs. Uhm, FOR THE HORDE!
Roberrt 3rd Apr 2016, 4:51 PM edit delete reply
This actually makes more sense than most of the reasons the Alliance and Horde have fought...
Maryalee 3rd Apr 2016, 6:51 PM edit delete reply
Confirmed: Alliance vs. Horde war started by gnoll eating Gul'dan's mount. Dark Portal was attempt to get revenge on all gnolls.

Some great facial work her Clef.
Sintra E'Drien 3rd Apr 2016, 8:22 PM edit delete reply
I'm just a little surprised her tail isn't wagging - or is it? I can't tell now . . .
Lackinganame 4th Apr 2016, 11:16 PM edit delete reply
That escalated quickly.
Thisguy 5th Apr 2016, 2:44 AM edit delete reply
Oh no, something bad happened to us, it must be the fault of the oAlliance because despite living in a world with dozens of different groups, factions, cults, gods, all with different motivations and reasons for hating us, it could not possibly be anyone else that the guys we have a temporary truce with... Because we hate them.
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