Comic 28 - What's Shakin' Guest Comic

4th Jun 2011, 6:20 AM
What's Shakin' Guest Comic
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Clef 4th Jun 2011, 6:20 AM edit delete
This is a comic I made for Shawn Tommellio's "What's Shakin" ( web comic site at the time he was conducting a fan art contest to fill in a gap where he was unable to post a comic for the week.

What's Shakin is not specifically WoW-related, but has a large number of similarities (like LFG). Mr. Tommellio also does WoW-related comics as well, such as Coffin Comics and Coffin Minis. A very busy artist indeed. There are also wacom drawing pad tutorials on his Jester-brand parent site.

This is the first of 3 images loaded this week due to S&K impending temporary hiatus status.


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Coffinshaker 13th Jun 2011, 4:07 AM edit delete reply
Mr. Tommelleo? sheesh! I'm not that old! oh wait... /cry

lol!!! anyways, just wanted to say again what a fantastic job you did with this strip! totally made my day! >D

hope to see you back from hiatusland soon!
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