Comic 37 - Gratitude

30th Jul 2011, 4:44 PM
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Clef 30th Jul 2011, 4:44 PM edit delete
I swallowed my pride and went and finished all the old world quests *again* to complete all the Loremaster sub-achievements even though I still had the title. All 1400+. Took me 4 days almost sun-up to sun-down. Dear blizz, have you ever heard of the word "retroactive"? That was seriously uncool.

However the experience was not all that bad at some points. As promised, each zone had its own storyline, some of which were quite epic. Like the recreation of the entire Rambo series in Redridge. Which brings up another topic. WoW is obviously drenched in an endless sea of pop culture references. Err, perhaps "drowning" is a more accurate word. It all started back in WC 2&3 when repeatedly clicked units would spout off famous movie quotes and other slogans of the day. WoW has taken that to a whole new level to the point where it's almost embedded in the lore. For example, Harrison Jones played a vital role in saving the world by preventing the titan pyramid weapon from falling into Deathwing's hands. Lore-wise it would have been more appropriate to have used Brann Bronzebeard, but with him, how could they have recreated the entire Raiders of the Lost Ark movie in Uldum? Will Harrison Jones ever be mentioned in future lore or novels? I always felt that if there's a quest for something in-game, its pretty much written into the lore. Or are these comedy sideshows really just fluff that means nothing?

It seems like the novels and manga take a serious approach to lore while the game its self portrays it all in such a lighthearted manner its almost hard to take any of it serious. The rampant and endless use of goblins doesn't help that, either. I mean seriously, there are more goblin NPCs everywhere then ever before. I know Blizz is proud of their new goblin model, but COME ON.

Exit question: Do you think the pop-culture references detract from the original lore too much?


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Guest 30th Jul 2011, 5:55 PM edit delete reply
I dont want to b an ass XD, but "resurrection" is written "resurrecrion" at the 5th.

Nice comic though ^^.
Nightwill 30th Jul 2011, 7:54 PM edit delete reply
"Exit question: Do you think the pop-culture references detract from the original lore too much?"


In fact Uldum is my first zone I turned up my nose at and didnt finish, though there have been others, because of it. Look Bliz, Im glad we can agree that the Indiana Jones monies were cool. but stealing their story instead of providing new content? Beating us stupid over the head with moronic CSI gags that are old the first time you hear them? It ruins mood, gameplay, and so on.
SlopDoggy 30th Jul 2011, 10:24 PM edit delete reply
Eh, I never noticed it too much. I leveled through dungeons, and doing the main questline for each expansion. Never did worry about the extra quests. Maybe that's why i'm so broke. Hm. Anyways, sweet comic topped with hilariousness. Great job as always, Clef. Lookin' forward to next weeks. ;)
George 31st Jul 2011, 7:07 AM edit delete reply
While I like that WoW has deep, serious lore as a backdrop for its quests and raids, I prefer games that temper the serious, world-saving stuff with humor and lightheartedness. I think that if WoW didn't have its pop culture references and other "fluff", it would be a very different game and a very different social atmosphere than what exists, and neither would be worth the time and money I've put into it, which I've mostly invested because of the fun, lighthearted times I've had with my various guilds.
Rokas 31st Jul 2011, 12:43 PM edit delete reply
I've tried other MMOs, and they were fun and had good stories, too. But I think part of what captures me with WoW was the fact that the game, and consequently Blizzard, doesn't take itself too seriously. It's a charming approach that makes them seem more reasonable and human rather than Lords on High dictating How Things Shall Be. Sony Online (and Sony in general) had/still has that problem, and look how much of a laughingstock they are now.

I loved the new Redridge storyline (I laughed my tail off through most of its 80s movie charm) and frankly, the Uldum storyline was in my opinion both humorous and yet serious enough so that with some slight revisions it could easily be good enough to be proper Lore.

That's another thing, though: Blizz prefers to call it "Lore" instead of "Canon" because with Lore they can make revisions later to accommodate a new storyline, or direction, or characters. So far I haven't seen them abuse it much (though there are some things that irk me, like the new story for Baine Bloodhoof; it reads like a bad fanfiction), and frankly it makes the whole world more flexible. For instance, when they want to do a serious story, they can completely ignore the sillier stuff, and when they want to be lighthearted they can throw in some goblins. (I'm sorry but I love the goblins, they're so hilarious to me. Half the quests a goblin NPC gives me makes me smile or laugh. The rest are just deliciously mercenary.)

Besides, Canon can be stifling. I've mentioned Battletech before, and one of the problems with its Canon is that anything published became Canon, even bad novels and sourcebooks. The only exception to this being the Not-Named Novel (Old School Battletech fans know to what I refer) since it royally sucked and no one liked it. If you liked it you weren't a Battletech fan; simple as that.

Finally: In the last panel it almost looks like Nefarian's hitting on Sara. ;)
Kayeri 31st Jul 2011, 12:50 PM edit delete reply
OMG, that had me falling over laughing, then I called my husband over and he did, too! =)
Adam 31st Jul 2011, 7:05 PM edit delete reply
References shouldn't over-shadow the actual story. Calling the old BWL attunement quest "Have Fun Storming the Castle" or finding the 3 Vikings in a corner of Ulduman, fine. Having us abandon the struggle against Deathwing and Co. to play Indiana Jones for 3/4 of a zone, less than fine.
Torn 2nd Aug 2011, 7:53 PM edit delete reply
if i play on an RP realm it does annoy me because i emerse myself and all that jazz but on my main realm its just funny speaking of funny another awesome comic =)
Alariais 2nd Aug 2011, 7:56 PM edit delete reply
Couldn't Kleeyo just have rezed Sara? I mean she is a shaman, or was she just so worried that she forgot she could rez?
Nightwill 5th Aug 2011, 8:02 AM edit delete reply
I guess she never finished the questline..and being old school she would of had to of rememebred to visit her trainer. Yea thats da ticket :)

@Adam My feelings exactly.
Seph 6th Aug 2011, 3:17 AM edit delete reply
Normally I would say yes: while a few pop-culture references may take the edge off of quest-grinding, too much can be annoying. However, it may be a good thing that they are not focusing too much on original lore, since blizzard can sometimes botch it up.
Sometimes they alter or adjust the lore of the game so that they can add content to the game. For example, (I don't know your view on Illidan, but i'm kind've a fan of him) In the original warcraft 3 lore, he was a misunderstood Nelf who liked Tyrande and power, helped out some other misunderstood races, and was Chaotic Neutral at worst, and was hunted by Maiev (who was just as evil as he was). But when Blizzard used him in the expansion, they just made him out to be some Crazy Evil dude and everyone who teamed up with him were either Evil too, or looking to stab him in the back (And Maiev was suddenly the heroic Good Guy).
Also, i want to point out that after Arthas was finally killed and the cinematic came out with his death, one of my friends commented that "Arthas was Blizzards Favorite Child that they loved above all others. If they were willing to kill Arthas off, then nothing is safe." And after looking at the changes in Cataclysm, I'm forced to agree with him. For all we know, Blizzard could turn Jaina Proudmoore into a traitor to the alliance due to a newfound discovery that she's trying to summon admiral proudmoore from the dead so they can declare war on the horde, and turn Theramore isle into a raid instance in which we can get phat lewts from Jaina's corpse.
So, this is all a thought of mine, but if adding more pop-culture into Wow will prevent horrific changes to Original lore, then i'm all for it (sorry for the long post).
Clef 6th Aug 2011, 7:01 AM edit delete reply
Heh, certainly sounds like something that wouldn't be beyond Blizzard. But if they killed off Jaina, who would the Alliance have left as reliable lore characters? Heh. One thing I've noticed is that Alliance lore characters have significantly short life expectancies. (I'm primarily speaking of those who were introduced in the RTS games, not the WoW-specific ones like King Varian and such.)

When I first picked up WoW, I figured it was just going to be a another chapter in the warcraft universe. I never thought they would actually wipe nearly all key lore characters in it. Kel'thuzad in vanilla Naxx 40 was the first, then Illidan, Vashj and Kael'thas in BC, so I suppose it was no surprise that Arthas was to be permanently vanquished. However, the entire Warcraft 3 game was primarilyt the story and sequence of events of how Arthas became corrupted and his ascension to the frozen throne, so I was a bit surprised when they merely made him to be just an expansion boss. I figured he would be much more, since his death would have essentially concluded the last of the lore from the RTS series. In WoW he was just another raid boss....and since then, they have simply revived older enemies to become the new Azeroth villians in his place, which has been kind'a disappointing.

Crestlinger 13th Aug 2011, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
And the cheese stands alone.
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