Comic 38 - Fall of the World Breaker

6th Aug 2011, 12:25 PM
Fall of the World Breaker
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Clef 6th Aug 2011, 12:25 PM edit delete
Did I mention I hate Deathwing?

Anyway, I know there's some buzz going about that WoW has lost about 8% of it's subscribers in the past quarter, indicating for the first time that the game may be in it's decline. There are many reasons people would leave the game, like saving money in this shitty economy, taking breaks for the summer, having to move, in game stuff like a profound class nerf or whatnot, or just straight-up boredom and burnout taking it’s toll. WoW has been around for what, seven years now and has still managed to maintain such a massive subscriber base? That is still really quite amazing. It has beaten out every other major MMO that has came out after it.

The general consensus is that cata was just a collection of rehashed content that had very little for the casual 85 to do. Particularly those who did not raid. Blizz addressed that issue with the release of the Molten Front, which in my opinion was one of their greatest ideas yet. The Molten Front the closest thing they’ll probably ever develop that resembles a “solo raid”. It has the same types of challenges, meta achievements, huge battles, epic rewards, titles, special mounts- all the same things you would find in a raid. Overall its mainly just a daily quest grind and once that grind is complete, the original problem will resume, though.

When I first joined back in vanilla, I didn’t know there was going to be an endless series of expansions to follow, so I tackled all the game content like never before. I became a *very* hardcore raider set on clearing every last bit the game had to offer. The social aspect was what kept me going so long. I made a lot of friends in my guild and each day I couldn’t wait to get home and log in. Three expansion later here I am dong the same thing, only this time without the social aspect and knowing my time invested is just for nothing more then grinding the achievements of the day. The cycle has gone on for 1 base game and 3 expansion now- the cycle of reaching level cap, raiding months for BiS gear then the humiliating process of replacing that gear with cheap quest rewards upon the next expansion. I'd imagine this may be the burnout point for many, especially when Blizz has plans for several more expansions. The time you are investing now is already going to be made obsolete. If you don't have a social reason for raiding, i.e. you log in an raid as a means to hang out with your online buddies, then raiding seems so....I dunno....pointless?

My point is back in vanilla I had a GOAL. The game just isn’t the same without one. I came back as a returning player with the last shred of hope of once again finding a social reason to play, but it just hasn’t happened. The game feels so impersonal now, especially with everything being cross-realm, where the activities you would originally do to meet new people (dungeons, pvp, ect) you will now party or pvp with other people you’ll probably never meet again.

Back before cross-realm pvp, players would fight the same body of people every battleground. Names and faces would become more familiar and you would eventually learn which players were the dangerous ones, and which ones were the free HKs. I’m sure those who frequent their server WG and TB matches know what I’m talking about. People would form rivalries and such, and nothing was more rewarding then finally finding and kicking your rival’s ass! Mine was an orc rogue who frequently ganked me in BG’s. I learned a lot about fending off rogues just from fighting that same player over and over in BG environments, and eventually reached the point where I would beat him half the time. We became so familiar with each other that we would even log on each other’s vent just for a little friendly smack-talking. Those days are just gone…sigh.

Exit question: How long have you been playing? What keeps you going?


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SlopDoggy 6th Aug 2011, 2:18 PM edit delete reply
I've been playing for about 3 years, off and on. The reason being, I don't have a sustainable income to keep my subscription going. Hence, I have to buy cards whenever I have money. And really, WoW's getting boring for me, as well. I got the 10 day trial to try out patch 4.2, and i only logged on 2 of those 10 days, and that was just to get the questline done. all in all, I don't play as much as i used to.
Thisguy 6th Aug 2011, 2:57 PM edit delete reply
I've been playing for a little over 2 years now, being the sort who becomes obsessed with stuff, its been relatively easy for me to keep playing (also comming in relatively late in Wows life). But mostly what keeps me going is the fact that i want as many as possible achivements on my main as possible, like I said slightly obsessive, though being a soloist, the achiements i can do easily are running out (or in the case of fishing, too long and boring to do).
Thisguy 6th Aug 2011, 3:03 PM edit delete reply
BTW, great comic.
Of course, while I am getting bored with my character now(or mostly finding less stuff to do) being that i have only ever leveled one chracetr to 85,( and thus, one class, arcane mage) means there is still other stuff for me to do if i can ever be bothered leveling another character, i've almost got another up, its at 82 now, a worgen druid healer. That, and I've never done much pvp, or raiding, if i ever put the effort into doing those things...
lackinganame 6th Aug 2011, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
been playing from end of BC tho i didnt have the computer to get WOTLK when it came out so Cata was the only one i actually got upon its release. i manily keep playing for social activity if i dont have anyone to talk to or PvP/dungon/raid with then i get very borde. i like the lower time waits with cross server BGs but i understand the rival thing. and i like WG and TB for allowing that to continue on to some small degree. (i had a guildiee cross fraction when allys got racial buffed so took evil glee in killing them.) over all i think wow is still a very fun game. but its meant to have a larger social (working with other ppl) game desgine aspect about it rather then a solo one.

hope this isnt a "im leaveing wow exit question" and that would mean an end to this golden comic! you know how hard it is to find a good regularly up dated come!
Clef 6th Aug 2011, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
Nah, the comic could easily continue even if I did quit. After all, the first 30 comics were made while I wasn't playing ;)
tehdruid 6th Aug 2011, 6:25 PM edit delete reply
I started playing a couple weeks before BC came out. I started cause my brothers suckered me into it, I kept playing and still am. Both of them quit, now I play for social reasons(I have no friend irl) and it gives me something to do besides watching the idiot box(aka tv). If my social life improves or I am able to finally get a job and my homework(yay college) gets to be too much I'll quit WoW, until then, I do dailies and arena.
Halbor 6th Aug 2011, 6:56 PM edit delete reply
I've been playing since the spring of 2005, started off playing on a PVE server Alliance side and remember the days before cross-realm BGs, AV queues would run up to 8 hours and once you manage to get in everyone would honor grind so the battle would last well over an hour, of course AV was the only BG on my server that the Alliance could win, heck even after cross-realm BGs came out it was the only one Alliance could win consistently it seemed.
I pretty much played Alliance all through Burning Crusade and Halfway through Wrath of the Lich King then the guild I was in started falling apart due to real life reasons or general frustration from lack of raid progression (mostly also due to core raiders leaving for RL reasons) and so I switched to Horde and got together with my current guild on a PVP server. odd thing I noticed though, on the PVE server it seemed like Horde were the hardcore PVPers, but on the PVP server it's Alliance that seems to be more hardcore, might be just to do with the population ratios though. Funny thing is though in my current guild I found out another member used to have a Horde character on the PVE server I had my alliance characters on, we had a chuckle at the idea that we likely would have clashed a few times in BGs.
George 7th Aug 2011, 1:42 AM edit delete reply
I've been playing since early BC because I've been lucky enough to be in a series of guilds I've enjoyed spending time with. For me, the social aspect is the main point of WoW- I enjoy questing, PvP and raiding but I'd rather play other games if I wasn't hanging out with a fun guild as I did them.

With regards to your other question: IMO if replacing epics with quest greens makes you feel like the time you spent raiding was "pointless", then it was- not because a new expansion made your gear obsolete but because it made you realize how little you enjoyed everything else about raiding. The "burnout point" for a lot of people, in my experience, is when they realize they aren't having fun anymore and are no longer willing to wait for the next patch to fix things- and I think the expansion effect is from a lot of people realizing they've only waited as long as they did because they were playing to get BiS gear instead of to have fun. The only time I saw gear make people leave was when my first serious guild in Cata hit a wall with the first two bosses in BWD and couldn't seem to accept that the majority of our wipes were caused by our healers being slightly under-geared, and even that was an indirect effect.
Cyilla 7th Aug 2011, 8:07 AM edit delete reply
I've been playing since early Vanilla, I made a bunch of friends that kept me busy through BC. But once Wrath came about, most of them quit or server transferred. So I was stuck with the few that remained to do all the Lich King raiding and what not. Towards the end of FotLK, I got bored and made a random character on a random server, found a random guild full of random, awesome new friends.

For me, the only reason I'm still playing is because of the people there. If I ever end up loosing those friends, I'll probably end up quitting.
Bloodraptor(Echo Isles) 7th Aug 2011, 9:04 AM edit delete reply
I've been playing WoW for nearly 4-5 years, and so far the game has lost some of it's flare. I consider leaving, but then I remember my responsibilities as a leader of a proud guild. if I stopped playing, my guild would be lost, everyone I came to know would cease to play or leave the guild and join other guilds, or whoever takes leadership after me would disband the guild without a second thought putting the years of efforts and labor of love to a total and complete waste.

I love how you kept Deathwing a lecherous bastard, and you sis add some added sex appeal to the lifebinder(you made her breasts somewhat larger than they really are by scare I think), the lecherous comment after a somber heartfelt parting, hell I'd stab deathwing in the eye if he was dying right there just to finish him off with my PVP daggers(then skin him to brag that I have deathwing's pelt and hang it from wyrmrest or silvermoon). it'd be totally worth it to kick his ass, but I kinda feel for the poor slob cuz he was... "deprived". :p
Clef 8th Aug 2011, 12:26 AM edit delete reply
I dunno...she's pretty well-stacked in-game. I actually thought my renditions were smaller.

And rest assured, DW will be skinned in one of the future comics. I'm not done with him yet!
George 20th Aug 2011, 12:05 AM edit delete reply
Now that DW's been announced as a boss, I bet somewhere on the forums (I'm too scared to look myself) there's a huge debate over whether he should be skinnable because he's a dragon or mineable because he's a mostly metal and lava dragon. I'm kinda hoping for mineable, just because I feel like hacking him to pieces with a pickaxe would be more satisfying than skinning him.
Clef 20th Aug 2011, 12:08 PM edit delete reply
Heh, yeah. Supposedly one of the phases is the raid riding on his back. He doesn't look THAT it's gonn'a be pretty cramped up there on 25-man.
Ayshela 7th Aug 2011, 10:01 AM edit delete reply
Awesome comic - let me say that before I get to the exit question. I almost woke my guy, laughing. =)

I left EverQuest and came over to WoW in TBC, but with changing servers and factions a couple times I hadn't even hit level cap before Wrath dropped. I don't raid, heck I don't even PUG because people are so mean now... I've had to come to terms with the fact that there's just a lot of content I'll never see. Achievements were a genius addition for those of us who still want some goal to be chasing. The Molten Front, though... Good God that bugs the crap out of me. It's so transparent that they've designed it to be a huge time sink, and the rewards aren't really worth it. I just do it to have done it.

Mostly I keep going faction grinding, collecting pets and mounts and knowing when I walk away from all those shiny pixels it's going to be years of time spent with nothing to show for it. Beats going out and getting drunk. ;)
Adamantine 7th Aug 2011, 11:57 AM edit delete reply
Hey there. I've been playing for almost a year now (on a private server that's still in WOTLK though), and, as for you, what keep me playing the my guild mates. I mean, playing only to get stuff, or to get alt's stuffed is just plain boring. Knowing you'll see people you like makes it worthwile. Yet, when you said that WOW lost players, I was not surprised, even pleased. I never enjoyed Cataclysm and even some things they added in WOtLK were just a pain. For one would be the equipement you can get so easily with the release of ICC. I mean, I play mainly a hunter and a chaman, I had to go stuff them first in hero, then in Naxx, Ulduar and EDC. I've spent a whole year doing that with my chaman (and even, I had to respec her healer just to be allowed to go into dungeon/raid as enhancement chamans bothered some as they were CAC and needed hunter equipement). And now, another chaman joined our guild like, three weeks ago, he was unstuffed and now he has almost the same equipement than my chaman without ever going to Ulduar. It's quite upsetting. This is why we (my bf, a friend, and me) have decided to go to a BC private server. We'll still remain in WOTLK to see our friends and help whenever needed, but it has lost its appeal for us (just to explain better, we made level 60 and 70 characters only to go into dungeons/raid of this level). And it's no surprise Cataclysm isn't better. Eh, there isn't even a WC4 to go with it. :p
Clef 7th Aug 2011, 2:11 PM edit delete reply
I agree. The #1 mistake they made with WotLK was that they made full T9 available just from running heroics, and thus being able to completely skip Naxx, EoE, Sartharion and Ulduar. If they wanted to rush players through the content to get to ICC quicker, they should have just nerfed the raids like they did at the end of BC. However that would have trivialized all the achievements in those raids.

Seeing a Warcraft 4 would be awesome, but you already know it will also be subscription based and have an internet connection and account required just to play it single player, just like they did with Starcraft 2 and soon Diablo 3. I don't support games with such ridiculous DRM.
Rokas 7th Aug 2011, 12:44 PM edit delete reply
I've been playing since about 2 years now. Started in middle of WotLK, and did my best to grind my hunter up to max. I started mainly 'cuz I had just started a new job working 3rd shift a half year before that, and I was really starting to feel isolated from friends and family, and I had just had a bit of a 'relationship' problem (long story, but I felt like a total ass and utterly worthless) and figured, "meh, why not?" I knew MMOs were dangerously addictive, WoW especially, and I knew I had an addictive personality - hell, some good single-player games have had me just as addicted as WoW - and that it could destroy me. But at that point, I didn't care... Anyway, never got to meet many people, unfortunately. And I picked a normal server so any attempts at my roleplaying were pretty much mocked, so I never got social with anyone; the one guild I joined eventually fell apart towards the end of WotLK.

So why do I keep playing? Well, a couple of reasons: 1: I love good stories, and I hate - absolutely hate - not being able to see/read one all the way through. I guess I just want to know what happens next, at least until it gets to insane to follow (which despite complaints of some to the contrary, Cata has NOT reached that level). 2. It's still fun for me. Maybe you guys playing since Vanilla or BC have had it burned out of you, but I still enjoy dungeons for the challenges they represent. My lack of sociability has kept me from raiding, but given the insane complications of some raids, I'm not sure that's a bad thing, entirely. 3. Playable Goblins. I'm sorry, I flippin' love WoW Goblins. They're hilarious and a nice flamboyantly laissize-faire technological style that contrasts nicely with the stuffy, creepy-looking Gnomes. 4. Tauren pallys. I like Tauren, I like Pallies, and now I can have both in one I'm havin' fun with mine. 5. I'm a bit of an iconoclast, I guess. When everyone and his brother were joining WoW and raving about it, I stayed out. Now that I'm in and everyone is whining and complaining (not without merit, but certainly above and beyond what the issues require) I feel like spiting the herd mentality and sticking with it for now. 6. HUNTERS FINALLY CAN DO EPIC DAMAGE. Maybe they did before in Vanilla and BC, but in the parts of WotLK I played, Hunters were really despised, and I'm enjoying the fact my favorite class can finally make some of the haters shut the frell up.

Despite that, though, I may quit anyway, but not for the reasons most give: damn game's taking up a lot of time I could be writing. I'm thinking that might have to change.
Clef 8th Aug 2011, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
Are you a writer?

Err...well, I guess I should have already gotten a clue from the RP you've wrote in some if your previous posts, heh.
Rokas 8th Aug 2011, 12:49 PM edit delete reply
More like "wannabe-writer." I tinker, I write some stuff, but still a nobody. Of course, my predilection towards the ease of fanfiction writing vs. my own original stuff means I'm wasting my time there, too. I'm trying to swear off of making fanfic, but that Baine story Blizz posted on their site recently just begs to be rewritten by someone who isn't a lobotomized skunk ape. FLAT CHARACTERS ARE NOT FUN. Also flat characters. Nudge nudge, wink wink. *Rimshot*
Dragonborn 8th Aug 2011, 7:03 AM edit delete reply
Very nice comic. I laughed so hard that I got yelled at by sleeping people.

Anyway, I've been playing since a couple of months after Wrath came out. Two of my school buddies conned me into a trial and I got hooked. I mostly stuck with them for a while until we found a good guild, then we all started hanging with them. Bout a week b4 ToC, my brother figured out I played, so he muscled me and my buddies into playing with him on a PvP server. When ICC came out, my guild(s) kicked into over drive and a ton of us got burnt out on everything.

Couple people quit, there was drama, and we all learned how to keep interested by just doing whatever we wanted in the game. Since then we've just being doing our best to enjoy ourselves. Little PvP here, bit of raiding there, and a bunch of joking and stupid crap while doing dailies and going after acheivments. Have you ever seen a full raid of 85's die in Molten Core? I have, and it's hilarious.

So my advice to those of you who are getting burnt out, and even you Clef, is just have fun. It's a game, play it how you want. Don't feel like raiding? Go do a random quest chain. Don't wanna grind out dailies? Go crush some heads in PvP. Don't wanna do all your randoms? Go level and alt. Just try and keep it interesting, and if you need to, take a couple days off from being serious about things. You don't have to do EVERYTHING, EVERY time you get on. Skip things if you don't want to do them, and nuts to anybody who tries to tell you otherwise!
Rokas 8th Aug 2011, 12:50 PM edit delete reply
This man here has pretty much nailed it on the head. I applaud you, sir.
synwells 8th Aug 2011, 8:16 PM edit delete reply
ha ha! Great page
jh 8th Aug 2011, 8:48 PM edit delete reply
I've been playing since the original Beta. My kids got me into it. I have Horde and Alliance toons. I've have met wonderful people playing WOW, and some jerks( every game has them). I've also played Guild Wars, and I prefer WOW. If I died in an instance in WOW, I don't need to redo the entire run. I like seeing how the various storylines have been tweeked(Wildhammer), and new ones put in. I hope to escape ZG with the little red raptor so I can go rescue her in the dungeon. I've met some Real Life friends whom I keep in touch with that I could not do without the game. I like the challenge of completing some of the off-beat achievements(punting turtles onto fire elementals was so funny). I don't PVP that much, but doing PUGS I have run some instances with some of the same players as we are on at the same time. I do other things as well, but I enjoy this MMO vs other video games. I don't care much for TV and most movies are not worth the $20 it takes to go see one. I understand burnout and life changes. Friends I've met inn-game have graduated college and stopped playing, others have started Facebook or other Social contact sites so we can keep in touch. So enjoy what you can in the game, and remember it just a game, not to take things too seriusly. Turning off trade chat does wonders for that. I enjoy the strip, and Good Hunting to all of you.
Kaiser 9th Aug 2011, 1:52 AM edit delete reply
Started playing in mid 2009 due to real life friends dragging me into the game (they've server transferred or quit by now).

I joined around the perfect time in my opinion. I witnessed WoW before the dungeon finder, when players actually looked for people in trade chat for heroic dungeons. You would learn who was good, who was trash, but mainly, you talked to your server. Some of my closest friends were made during those times, but after the damned dungeon finder came out the server just seemed to die. The good alliance members began server/faction trasnferring, more trolls began popping up, more idiots began plaguing the game... Some type of mentality among the players just seemed to burst after dungeon finder made gear accessible. Everyone just seemed to go into the "casual stand in one spot and pew pew with my crap rotation". No one really bothered to learn their class, I got sick of running with people who never learned to STAY OUT OF THE FLIPPING FIRE.

Admitedly the dungeon finder did let me catch up to the better players on the server, but it also depersonalized the social aspect of the game and allowed a flood of nooblets to zerg rush =P
Clef 9th Aug 2011, 2:41 PM edit delete reply
Agreed. 100%.
Bloodraptor(Echo Isles) 10th Aug 2011, 6:44 AM edit delete reply
well if it fits for fun you can cameo my main skinning deathing(Bloodraptor, Blood Elf Rogue from the Echo Isles server), and I have some snappy quips to reply to outrage. one already in my head is "he's a dead dragon, I'm a skinner and leatherworker, I'm going to honor the memory of his nobility through making his flesh into armor, then I'm going to sell the metal parts in the auction house for huge heaps of gold and buy off the Eastern Kingdoms so that ass-faced walking chin Varian will learn to leave my people alone!" it sounds funnier verbalized if you imagine a guy saying it with a New England accent(at least that's what people from other states would say). :p

let me know if you'd like to cameo any of my other characters too. ^_^ I'm always glad to help.
RBlackpaws 11th Aug 2011, 3:33 AM edit delete reply
First off, love the comic. Irreverent and silly. Good combo.

Now for the exit question:

I played (past tense) WoW from the latter stages of BC through Cataclysm. Been in guilds, left guilds, bounced from realm to realm, tried all sorts of race/class combos...but I am actually leaving the game for good.

The short reason: the game simply stopped being fun.

The long reason: the combination of negative social interactions (LOTS of bad PUG's and guild interactions), cross-realm dungeon/PvP action, extremely buggy and rushed feeling expansion...all of those combined and a few others killed the fun factor for me.

Drager 11th Aug 2011, 6:16 PM edit delete reply
I have been playing since just after the launch of Vanilla. I leveled and played with a great group of people. We started raiding together. Then cane BC, and about 1/2 way through too many of those people were not playing any more and the guild went "casual". Too many people I enbjoyed playing with were gone.

So I server transfered with a friend to a guild that had several people who I know had moved to. We kept on raiding.

Now Cata is out and we are still going. Many people have come and gone, but I still have many people I enjoy playing with. If that ever changes, I may think about hanging up the bow and doing something else.
Woif 15th Aug 2011, 6:00 PM edit delete reply
I've been an on and off player since late BC(like I got into it just after ZA was released I believe.) And frankly. All thats kept me going is the guild I part of. I've been part of them since near the end of BC I think? or early wrath. and without them i would likely just flat out quit and not come back. and I have to agree. It just feels like theres not a ton to do besides raiding, and everything really does feel impersonal.
Random Lurker 42 21st Aug 2011, 6:43 AM edit delete reply
Great comic. On the topic of WoW fatigue, I played from early BC to the end of LK. BC was the most fun I'd ever had in a video game because of the hysterical open-world PvP I'd start. After LK launched and Bliz kind of killed PvP, I lost my motivation to play. I stopped at Level 79 and haven't been back. It's time for some new mayhem a long time ago in a galaxy far away.
Yinello 31st Aug 2011, 10:03 PM edit delete reply
I quit WoW because I just don't have the money for it at the moment. It kinda sucks to hear that Blizzard is losing so many customers - I don't want them to think they should pull the plug on WoW anytime soon. As soon as I get better earnings I want to play it again.

In a way I wish the game wasn't forced pay2play. I completely understand why they went that way but it's times like this that I want to say: Let me play for free now and I'll pay it all up in one go as soon as I can! But that's too easy to abuse. xP

@Comic: To be fair Alexstraza, your outfit does tend to invite pervy comments. :P
Moonhowl 6th Jun 2013, 7:24 PM edit delete reply
That's why the red dragonflight hate the black dragonflight
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