Comic 97 - Bound

15th Sep 2012, 11:33 PM
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Clef 15th Sep 2012, 11:36 PM edit delete
Not much dialogue from Kleeyo on this one. Guess the time for words has passed...

Drew the warlocks to reflect how they looked in WC1. From what I understand about warcraft, a demon cannot be enslaved if it already serves a master who summoned it (hence why you cannot enslave other warlock pets, ect).

Not like that really matters here though, heh.


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Gardia 16th Sep 2012, 2:27 AM edit delete reply
Love the way you drew hes expression when she broke the chains.
also the way you drew the kill on that warlockxD
Cyilla 16th Sep 2012, 3:28 AM edit delete reply
Lovely page, as always.
But... I must ask... Does Kleeyo just like, run around with nothing on under her tabard..?
Clef 16th Sep 2012, 3:36 AM edit delete reply
Furry people don't need extra layers, right?
Daisybelle 16th Sep 2012, 3:56 AM edit delete reply
There's a difference between what covers naturally a St Bernard and what covers a bovine. Previous episodes have shown that both Jyosette and Kleeyo *do* care about having their private parts visible. Oddly it's the more human characters of your comic; Sara and your DK dwarf who seem less concerned. ;)
Clef 17th Sep 2012, 4:16 PM edit delete reply
I'm pretty sure tauren have an ample amount of hair/fur all over their body. Their in-game textures look like it and the taurens depicted in all the cinematics look downright shaggy.
Daisybelle 18th Sep 2012, 2:47 AM edit delete reply
Well there must be *some* reason that when you take all the armor off a tauren toon they are wearing undergarments?

(BTW - are there any lady taurens in the cinematics? I recall the tauren guy fighting with a dwarf hunter, and the other tauren guy who gets "sheeped" by the human mage. I don't remember seeing any Mulgore women folk).
Dragon Turtle 16th Sep 2012, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
Winds Shear!
Daisybelle 16th Sep 2012, 3:58 AM edit delete reply
Aree with Gardia. Kleeyo's expression in panel #2 is great! Also like how the orc warloc got hers.

Kleeyo's kickin' ass all the way here!
ExPaladin 16th Sep 2012, 6:42 AM edit delete reply
They're retarded.

Paeris Kiran 16th Sep 2012, 4:50 PM edit delete reply
Well demon can be made to serve, but one would need to override previous bond.

Either precisly distrupt it or overwhelm it by more powerfull spell... either way it would be just easier to summon and shacle another... however killing summoner would do...
TheMjohann 17th Sep 2012, 2:22 PM edit delete reply
But killing the summoner would also sever the link that keep a summoned creature in the summoners realm.
So they would be back to square one if they try to hijack anothers summoned minion.
Garda 18th Sep 2012, 3:23 PM edit delete reply
only if the demon is not strong enough himself:P
remember TOC... YOU are bound to me demon...
then demon go screw you bam 1shot gnome;)
Paeris Kiran 18th Sep 2012, 7:31 PM edit delete reply
Yeah that warlock seriously screwed up, still do not get fact that Kirin tor started to tolerate them...

Well... with Rhonin bravely dying in Theramore to save Jaina, Vereesa, Kalecgos and Shandris Fethermoon from horde mana bomb and Jaina leeding the Kirin Tor and Kalec becoming a member of Council of 6 lets hope they start stomping on them a bit.

But generaly a summoned demon to Azeroth is in there "until banished or destroyed" since transfer to nether would again require lot of effort.
Dimensional travel is quite easy to achive in principle, but requires lot of power.
Buster 22nd Sep 2012, 12:50 PM edit delete reply
Seriously dude? No spoiler warning over a book that came out less than a month ago?
lackinganame 17th Sep 2012, 2:10 PM edit delete reply
lots of hard pack action followed by that moment when the bad guy gets the easy target.

good old enjoyable writing! the world needs more of it. (assuming this has a happy ending...)

still enjoying it!
Catta 20th Sep 2012, 8:44 PM edit delete reply
Love the expression when she breaks the chains. Long time follower of the comic but havent commented much - just a great comic.

P.S. Spelling mistake in second last panel :>
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